DJI Mavic - 8330 Quick-release Folding Propellers - Part 22


One pair of propellers: 1 clockwise and 1 counter-clockwise propeller.


Replacement 9450 propellers with silver tips for DJI Phantom 2, Phantom 3 or E310 power sets for DJI Flamewheel series and others. Includes one CW and one CCW 9" Self Tightening Propeller.


A pair of propellers, one clockwise replacement propeller and one counter-clockwise replacement propeller, compatible with the Inspire 2.


The Quick Release Propellers (for high-altitude operations) improve the performance of the Inspire 2 at high-altitude (2500-5000m) locations. 


Used to install the 1550T Quick Release Propellers onto the Inspire 2, these components are optimally designed to minimize wear between the propeller and the propeller mount, extending the life of...


Used to install the 1345T Quick Release Propellers onto the Inspire 1 Series.

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