The smallest, lightest 40ch video transmitter on the market also happens to be the most powerful. Coincidence? Not with TBS!


Large T-shaped Hexdriver for the mounting of prop nuts onto the TBS Vendetta COBRA CM2204/2300 motors.


TBS Vendetta LED board. Programmable through Cleanflight. The power of the entire visible colour spectrum in your hands!


A set of spare EVA camera mounts. One 10 degree and 30 degree mount.


The full set for in depth remodeling. Does not include any electronics.


Going head-first into a wall is not always a negative thing. When it is, this is what you need.


All the screws required for Vendetta replacements.


One spare LED cover for the TBS Vendetta body rear.


A spare electronic mount for holding the TBS Vendetta's electronics Built to carry the TBS Powercube, CORE PNP PRO and TBS Unify PRO.

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